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Keyword Research

You may have what customers are searching for, but how can you be sure? The answers are sometimes surprising. We conduct our keyword research based on global and local information. Based on search volume, global and local competition we can determine which ones to focus on and optimize your entire online presence around them. If your customers are searching for “best burger Suffolk county”, wouldn’t it be great to be the first result? These customers may not know your business by name but soon they will.


On Page SEO

With your keywords targeted, we start with your website. We incorporate them into your copy writing, urls, images and meta data. Google’s metrics for evaluating website content are complex and always evolving. SEO changes every day and we continue to refine our approach.


Landing Pages

When we find a great keyword for your business, we often create a landing page for it. Landing pages highlight a specific element of your business and encourage conversion through strong calls to action, but they have another purpose. They are excellent SEO tools that help your business rank for a very specific keyword.


Backlinks, Directory Listings and More

One measure of your site’s authority is the number of backlinks your website possesses. Backlinks are links on other websites that link to yours. If pages with higher authority are linking to yours, this means great things for you. We seek these out and develop a network of quality backlinks that boost your page ranking. Directory listings work similarly. We list your website in appropriate directories to achieve a more favorable Google result.