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How We Work

Our approach is custom-tailored for the restaurant business.


Most Internet traffic in 2016 is on mobile. Up to 90% of mobile searchers convert on restaurant websites, a higher percentage than any other industry. It’s become clear that a mobile-first philosophy is critical to the success of your website. A visitor takes approximately 6 seconds to decide if they will continue browsing your website or not. That’s why a clean, responsive website design is absolutely vital. Our websites are designed a tool for visitors to become customers. That is always the primary objective. But there are other ways your website can convert as well. Email signups, online orders, and using contact forms to book parties are some of the other ways you can convert. In 2016, if you don’t have an excellent mobile site, you’re missing out.


SEO & Local Search Optimized

It’s not just your existing customers who want to find you. Suppose you own an Italian restaurant. Wouldn’t it be great if when searchers type “pasta bolognese near me” into Google, your business was the first result. That’s what we strive for and it begins on your site. Our web pages are designed with SEO in mind. Headings, paragraphs and images are keyword rich and your site map is designed to incorporate your most critical keywords. We make sure your site conforms to Google’s SEO metrics to ensure your ranking increases over time.


Integrated Third Party Software

Do you use OpenTable? Our websites full integrate with OpenTable, GrubHub, Shopify, WooCommerce and many other third party systems. Customers can make OpenTable reservations directly on your site. They can buy gift cards or even purchase items online directly from you. Our goal is to remove as many barriers to conversion as possible. By integrating the software you already know and trust into your site, we keep visitors on your page longer, which helps conversion rates.



Attempts to hack your website happen all the time. We use the latest in security technology to ensure your sites are clean and malware. This becomes even more important when your site accepts credit card information from guests. Encryption is key. And we take security seriously.